Study on Resource Development, Violence Against Indigenous Women & Environmental Assessment in Yukon

YAWC is currently leading this timely research project. A research project to Make Your Voice Heard - by Indigenous women and for Indigenous women.

It aims to strengthen the perspectives of Indigenous women and increase their participation in the environmental impact assessment process.

The project is using evidence-based research to: 

  • Understand the relationship between resource development projects and violence towards Indigenous women in the Yukon.
  • Identify opportunities for addressing associated issues.
  • Develop recommendations specific to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board (YESAB) and key stakeholders.

Hired to deliver this project is independent contractor Jason Prno Consulting Services with contributions from Strategies North Advisory and the YAWC team. Funding is provided by Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada which ends March 2022.

Summer 2021 Update

We completed a literature review in May on the research themes of Resource Development, Violence Against Indigenous Women, and Impact Assessment in Yukon. Now (summer/fall 2021) we are conducting primary research in the form of key informant interviews and surveys.

Key Informant Interviews

Key informant interviews are being conducted with individuals in an expert position to comment on issues associated with resource development, violence against Indigenous women, and impact assessment in Yukon.   

Key informants have a formal role in government and community organizations relevant to the research focus. Snowball sampling also allows interview participants to suggest other appropriate individuals be interviewed.

The Jason Prno Consulting team is conducting key informant interviews.

Community Surveys

The YAWC team is conducting community surveys.

We want to survey Indigenous women who have current or recent experience working in Yukon’s resource development (e.g., mining, forestry, camp work, housekeeping, admin, etc.).

We want to ensure their voices are heard because of their direct knowledge and experience related to the research themes. They were identified in the research as a critical demographic susceptible to violence associated with resource development activities.

Your Voice Matters! Participate in the surveys!

The YAWC survey team is visiting the following communities in August - October: Dawson City, Mayo, Pelly Crossing, Watson Lake, Whitehorse.

If we missed you, please drop by our Whitehorse office located at 407 Black Street to participate in the survey.

Whitehorse Dates below:



Other Related Research

We are not the only ones who noticed significant gaps in understanding the potential impacts of the resource development industry on Indigenous women in Yukon. 

We hope that the timely research and conversations will provide a good understanding of how Indigenous women are impacted. Joining this dialogue, YAWC hopes to find ways to build capacities to ensure Indigenous women's perspectives are part of the environmental assessment processes. 


Most recently (August 2021), the Liard Aboriginal Women's Society published its report Never Until Now, prepared by Dr. Sue Moodie, CCSG Associates.

View report: 


The Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) is also sponsoring a research project. It focuses on assessing the effects of industrial activities on the personal safety of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women and girls and LGBTQ2S+ persons in Yukon communities.

YESAB hired Vector Research to conduct the study. YAWC is part of the Research Advisory Committee for this study to contribute to the perspectives and interests of Indigenous women and girls and LGBTQ2S+ persons in Yukon communities.