YAWC actively communicates with existing and potential partners by identifying unique ways to collaborate with key stakeholders on facilitating change for advancement and resiliency for Indigenous women and marginalized people in Yukon and northern British Columbia. YAWC participates in conferences and sits on committees to build mutual understanding, share information, learn from successes and failures, and hold each other accountable for proposed actions that promise to effect positive change on the lives of Indigenous women and their families.

Collaboration Through Partnerships

YAWC works hard to strengthen existing and develop new partnerships with agencies that help advance YAWC's mandate. Current partners through funding agreements and/or working groups include:

  • Government of Canada
    • Justice Canada
    • Women and Gender Equality Canada
    • Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
    • Indigenous Services Canada
  • Yukon Government
    • Women and Gender Equity
    • Victim Services
    • Health and Social
  • National Organizations
    • Native Women's Association of Canada
  • Community Agencies & Businesses

To make a financial contribution, please visit the Parners page.

Boards and Committees

  • Community Advisory Board on Homelessness - Coordinated by a Community Entity, the board comprises key organizations, including YAWC, that provide direction for addressing homelessness in Yukon.
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Interagency Advisory Committee - Led by Yukon Government Health and Social Services, the committee brings together organizations, including YAWC, to meet the goals of the FASD Action Plan.
  • Local Advisory Committee on the MMIWG Commemoration Project - Led by YAWC, this committee brings together partners to provide guidance in the delivery of the project.
  • Medicine From the Land Working Group - Led by YAWC, this group brings together knowledge holders of Indigenous teaching to guide YAWC land-based outreach prevention and healing programs.
  • MMIWG Family Advisory Committee - Coordinated by the Yukon Government Victim Services, Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU), the committee brings together family members of MMIWG in an advisory role on YAWC and FILU outreach programing (e.g., MMIWG healing camps and outreach support circles).
  • Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) Board of Directors - YAWC is a Provincial-Territorial Member Association of NWAC and as such is eligible for funding support and input opportunities at the national and international advocacy levels. The President of YAWC sits on this board.
  • Yukon Advisory Committee on MMIWG2S+ - Coordinated by the Yukon Government Women's Directorate, this committee brings together Yukon organizations with local and traditional knowledge and supports, including YAWC, to facilitate the work of the Commission and National Inquiry into MMIWG.
  • Yukon Mineral Sector Diversity & Inclusion Working Group - Led by Yukon Women in Mining, this group brings together organizations, including YAWC, to promote the ongoing advancement of a diverse, inclusive, respectful, and progressive mining industry in Yukon. 
  • Yukon Women's Coalition - Coordinated by the Women's Transition Home, the coalition brings together grassroots organizations, including YAWC, to discuss, collaborate and address common issues affecting women in Yukon. The Together for Safety Protocol (2015) guides working group initiatives such as the RCMP M Division policies and training.

Benchmark Intervention Measures

Legislation & Policies

Strategies, Programs & Tools