cookiesWe Can Cook!

This project aims to raise the level of food awareness among clients. It offers participants:

  • an appreciation for taking the time to prepare healthy meals at home with traditional foods
  • the opportunity to develop new and friendly relationships among peers
  • access to stories from guests such as Elders while providing the Elders with the opportunity to gather and share stories in a different environment.

In 2019, five sessions were delivered in the new YAWC office kitchen between 1-5 pm, with 2 to 3 participants per session plus the facilitator and 1 – 2 rotating staff as support. A total of 10 clients participated, plus 16 Elders as observers (who socialized in the boardroom). While the YAWC kitchen cannot accommodate more than 4 participants per session due to the limited kitchen size, wonderful meals were prepared and shared.

The project is funded by the Yukon Government Health and Social Services.

Due to COVID-19, YAWC is assessing how best to proceed with this project in 2020. Please stay tuned!