Pre-employment to Leadership Essential Skills Training Framework

YAWC led this research project to address the employment training needs of our clientele. The project was completed in September 2021.

The purpose is to develop a mentorship-based training program that is culturally relevant and inclusive for Indigenous women and gender diverse people in Yukon and northern BC. The goal is to apply the life skills needed to gain lasting employment and support their personal and professional development to independent and leadership positions in society.

Hired to deliver this project was contractor Shung-Sun Consulting, with contributions from Rhoda Merkel and Strategies North Advisory Inc.

The project was funded by the Yukon Government Community Development Fund

Self-ModelDeliverables include a labour market review, a survey of programs and services with community partners and stakeholders, an Advisory Committee that participated in a facilitated workshop that resulted in the training framework. Download report here.

Framework guiding principles include respect, caring, sharing, learning, looking to community, Elders, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mentors as teachers.

  • We will encourage our participants to take pride in their Indigenous, traditional teachings and cultural values for Self, supported by Elders, family, and community.
  • We will work with our clients to unlearn colonizing negativity to be able to better their lives.
  • We will infuse our program with lateral kindness and intergenerational healing and assume a positive belief in our participants.

Next Steps

YAWC plans to lead phase 2 of this project, building on the training framework and drawing on lessons learned from the Advisory Committee. YAWC will pilot an employment training program that centers on the ‘Self' and develops essential skills on healing, wellness, and mental health.

Propose to change the name of the project to: Indigenous Woman & Girls – Moving Towards a better Path through Education and Training.