Medicine from the Land Teaching Framework Project

Working Group

The purpose of this project is to create a tool that will help YAWC staff deliver to clients, healing services that are land-based and culturally informed and relevant.

In December 2019, YAWC organized a workshop in Whitehorse for a group of 11 traditional knowledge-holders from across the Yukon and YAWC outreach staff to gather and share their knowledge and experiences in using land-based medicines. The enthusiasm was evident to continue the knowledge sharing process and so a Working Group was struck with the commitment to guide the development of the teaching modules with a focus on crime prevention and healing practices to address issues surrounding violence and trauma in the lives of Indigenous women and their families.

The group has met virtually since the first meeting and plans to continue meeting to expand the teaching framework idea.

The project has been made possible by Yukon Government Women’s Directorate and Victim Services (FILU).

 Stay tuned for project developments.