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 ISET Program

ISET or Indigenous Skills, Employment and Training is an Employment and Social Development Canada program designed to assist Indigenous people to improve their skills and find employment.

Through the Native Women’s Association of Canada, YAWC delivers the ISET program for Indigenous women and gender diverse Yukon residents. Our aim is to offer our clients the opportunity to gain meaningful and lasting work by meeting current employer and consumer needs in today's economy. To download a copy of our brochure to read more click here or see below for more details.


Eligible Clients

  • Are residents of Yukon
  • Are Indigenous women and gender diverse people
    (First Nation, Inuit or Métis)
  • Are 15 years of age or older
  • Do not exceed 2 years of support
  • Are unemployed or demonstrate an immediate risk of becoming unemployed

ISET Offers

Financial Assistance

  • Funding to help pay for training related costs like course registration, program tuition, school supplies, and living allowance.

Entrepreneurship Support

  • Funding to people looking to pursuing self-employment for costs related to start-up and business plan development.

Wage Subsidy

  • Funding to employers to offset the cost of wages and provide an incentive to hire people who need on-the-job training or have limited work experience.

Job Creation Partnership

  • Funding to employers to help pay for a work placement that provides a unique work experience specifically designed for the employee's skill set, education and/or previous work experience.

To download the ISET application forms click here.

Contact ISET Program Coordinator

ISET Program Coordinator

Phone: (867) 667-6162 ext. 1001 | Toll Free: 1-866-667-6162

We meet clients where they are at in their personal and professional development journey:

  • Discuss with clients their training and development goals
  • Help them develop training and back-to-work action plans
  • Make referrals to other community service providers as needed
  • Follow-up on client's progress

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