YAWC strives to promote, model, and employ learning, development opportunities, and social innovations that embody decolonization, healing from trauma, wellness, cultural protection, and assembly, in support of reconciliation and self-determination for and of Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse peoples.

YAWC Initiatives

Community Initiatives

Yukon Scholarships & Awards

There are many grants available to support clientele in short- and long-term education and training programs. To learn more, visit Yukon Government’s education page for a list of Yukon Scholarships & Awards.

Indspire Grants

Indspire provides financial support for Indigenous students across Canada to help them in completing their post-secondary education. Since 2004, Indspire has awarded over $115 Million to more than 37,500 students.

NIB Trust Fund

NIB Trust supports education programs aimed at healing, reconciliation, and knowledge building. The goal of the NIB Trust Fund to help First Nations and Métis people, organizations, and communities address the long-lasting impacts of the Indian Residential Schools system, and to support education programs aimed at healing and reconciliation over many years.

Training & Employment Development Support

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YAWC staff help clientele by meeting them where they are at in life and supporting them in developing their learning and employmnent plans. Contact us today!