Sally & sisters/soeurs

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


11:30am to 1:30 pm


407 Black Street


Philosophy of Sally & Sisters/Soeurs

Sally & Sisters/Soeurs is a welcoming environment where women and their children can enjoy a hot meal.  We provide a place of safety, sobriety, privacy and respect where women are given an opportunity to flourish with dignity in a supportive atmosphere.

Principles of Sally & Sisters/Soeurs


Safety means protection from physical harm. Safety also involves protection from psychological or emotional harm caused by attacks to one’s dignity. The program is offered in a safe secure space reserved for women and children only. Courtesy is the foundation of interactions. Gossip and criticism are discouraged as they create anxiety and a perception of being judged. Gossip by one client about another client can even lead to threats or violence.

Implementation of Safety Principle

  • We monitor access to the program at the door.
  • We set a positive tone upon a client’s arrival. We offer a warm welcome to each woman at the door and use her first name if we know it.
  • At Sally & Sisters/Soeurs the Coordinator and volunteers are consistently monitoring activities to ensure the safety of clients is protected and promoted. If we hear gossip or conversations which may escalate aggressively, we encourage a change of topic.
  • Operations rigorously attend to physical safety from building and fire standards to Food Safe guidelines.


A sober environment is crucial to our clientele for both individual wellbeing and collective harmony. A woman under the influence of alcohol or drugs may trigger anxiety in other women who are recovering from substance abuse or who suffered abuse from someone intoxicated. When this happens our lunch program is no longer supportive.

Implementation of Sobriety Principle

Women are discreetly screened at the door and not permitted to stay if they are detected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


For many women privacy is integral to feeling secure so while participation in the program is open to any sober woman in the community we do not expose our clients to the public. Social contact is offered but clients who do not wish to engage with others may have their meal undisturbed. We listen to client needs and issues if they approach us but we do not pry into their personal lives or ask questions about their circumstances.

Implementation of Privacy Principle

  • No identification or background information is required. Volunteers share their first names and only ask clients for first names, accepting if a client does not wish to self-identify.
  • At times charitable groups, churches, businesses, and schools wish to donate to our program and this is greatly appreciated. If donors wish to formally make a presentation, the Coordinator will make arrangements with donors to make a presentation outside of the lunch program hours, possibly involving the Steering Committee and volunteers. Donors do not present at the program as this puts the privacy of our clients at risk.
  • The media is not allowed in to the Sally & Sisters/Soeurs lunch program and all media enquiries are forwarded to the Steering Committee.
  • To not add to the anxiety and hype of holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day we do not ask clients what their holiday plans are, if their children/family are coming, if they have a big meal planned or if they have done holiday shopping. We follow the lead of clients in all interactions


A climate of respect is modelled and nurtured at all times through professionalism, courtesy, appreciation of differences and empowerment. Personal information shared by clients is accepted without judgment.  To promote community, women are empowered to take the lead in steering conversations while being sensitive to and respectful of the different family and life experiences of our clients. We understand that questions about children or upcoming plans or where a person lives can be uncomfortable and may lead a client to feel judged and thus not enjoy the program. We do not initiate personal conversations or celebration of public holidays or occasions not directly relevant to our mandate.  Clients are empowered to take responsibility for themselves and their children with encouragement and empathy. A mother/caregiver is assumed to know what is best for her child and be a competent authority for decision making with respect to her child.

Implementation of Respect Principle

  • Our Code of Conduct for Clients promotes speaking well of others and fostering affirming healthy relationships. Language which is condescending or hurtful is labelled and discouraged.
  • Sally and Sisters workers do not gossip amongst themselves about clients nor do we share information about one client with another client.
  • Keeping a professional distance means not getting involved in or judging the clients’ lives either by offering advice during the lunch or by trying to help clients outside of the program. We provide support and empathy using techniques such as reflective listening. We encourage self-determination.
  • When information is provided, we are careful to couch it as simply information not recommendation. We do not give advice but can refer a client to a community agency.
  • Mothers/caregivers are empowered to take responsibility for their children by being the sole authority for their child during time at Sally & Sisters/Soeurs. Mothers/caregivers must be consulted before a worker offers food or assistance to their child.



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From April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2023, YAWC will administer the program, overseeing its delivery and addressing service gaps. 


 YAWC delivers the program in partnership with the Yukon Anti-poverty Coalition, Whitehorse Food Bank, Salvation Army Whitehorse Corps., Yukon Government Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund, Rotary Club Yukon,  and the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.

Thank you all for your constant support.

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