Every October 4th, YAWC organizes the Yukon Sister in Spirit Walk and Vigil in Whitehorse to raise awareness on MMIWG.

Yukon Sisters In Spirit Walk & Vigil

Yukon Sisters In Spirit poster 2019Friday, October 4, 2019, from 12 - 2 pm, Whitehorse

Join us for a silent walk, prayers, and ceremony in solidarity to raise awareness about the Indigenous women, girls, and gender diverse people who have been and continue to be murdered or disappear. Everyone is welcomed. Refreshments will be provided.

Starting at noon, we will walk from the RCMP detachment, down Main St. to the healing totem on Front St., then proceed to the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre fire-pit along the Millenium Trail. Bring your drum. Refreshments provided in the KDCC multipurpose room, with a private family gathering afterwards.


Rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and gender diverse people are much higher than for non-Indigenous women in Canada. Perpetrators of violence include family members, partners, casual acquaintances, and serial killers. Every October 4th, YAWC organizes the Yukon Sisters in Spirit Walk & Vigil to raise the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) in Yukon and northern British Columbia and honour the victims and their families.

The Yukon Sisters in Spirit Project was launched in 2010 to research and document the cases of MMIWG in Yukon and northern BC. By using a collaborative approach with family and community members and the RCMP, 33 new cases of MMIWG were identified. This Project has created a safe space for families of MMIWG to talk about and account for the circumstances surrounding the death and disappearance of their loved ones.

Today, YAWC works closely with the Yukon Government Family Information Liaison Unit and the RCMP for ongoing support in research and advocay on MMIWG cases in Yukon and northern BC and delivery of outreach support circles and on-the-land healing camps for victims of violence and family members of MMIWG.