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Stop COVID-19 one arm at a time.Sleeves up, Yukon. The future is looking bright.

A safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Yukon and suddenly there’s light on the horizon.

We’ve given more than 10,000 Yukoners their 1st dose of the Moderna vaccine, prioritizing our most vulnerable populations:

  • Yukoners in rural communities;
  • older adults;
  • high-risk health workers; and
  • Yukoners living in group settings.

Widespread immunization is the best way to protect Yukoners. COVID-19 and its variants spread easily. You can pass it on even if you do not have any symptoms.

Of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Canada, 1 in 13 have required hospitalization and about 3 out of every 100 have died. Even people with mild symptoms may feel unwell for a long time after a COVID-19 infection.

Safe and effective vaccines will reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. Over time, this will allow Yukoners to live with fewer restrictions.

If you have a non-medical question, email covid19info@gov.yk.ca. If you have a medical question, phone 811.

Vaccine appointments

Make an appointment in Whitehorse before going for your 1st or 2nd dose. Bookings are highly recommended in rural communities. Clinics will accept walk-ins in rural communities, where internet connectivity may be an issue.

Book your appointment.

We typically open appointment bookings 1 week before the clinic date.

2nd vaccine dose

The Moderna vaccine requires 2 doses to be most effective. Everyone who received a 1st dose should receive a 2nd.

You should receive your 2nd dose as close to 28 to 35 days after your 1st dose as possible. Keep this in mind when planning to book your 2nd dose.

Bookings for 2nd dose vaccine clinics are now open for some communities.

Be sure to check back for information on when to book your 2nd dose.


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For more information and all the latest information in the Yukon please visit www.yukon.ca