The Imagine a Canada 2021-2022 program invites Canadian youth from K-G12 and CÉGEP to envision a Canada reconciled.

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Youth in the K-G5 stream can submit an art piece, essay, or other representation to express their vision of a reconciled Canada and what they hope others will learn from their submission. Twelve projects will be selected from the K-G5 stream to be included in an art booklet showcasing their work and message. 

Youth who participate in the G6-G12 and CÉGEP stream can go one step further and submit a plan on how their project will address Reconciliation in their community or school. Projects for consideration include: inviting Survivors, Elders, or Knowledge Keepers to speak at a series of learning events; building a permanent art installation representing Reconciliation at the school; or supporting volunteer work in communities related to Reconciliation. Six projects from the G6-G12 and CÉGEP stream will receive $750, six will receive $1000, and three will receive $1500. Additionally, these projects will also be recognized in an art booklet.

Youth from select projects in both streams will be invited to participate in virtual leadership training exercises. Youth will learn directly from Elders, Survivors, and Knowledge Keepers as well as special guests about how to engage and lead difficult conversations, how to be a Reconciliation leader, how to manage projects, and how and where to secure funds for future projects. 

At the end of the school year, a national celebration will be held to honour the twelve projects from the K-G5 stream and fifteen projects from G6-G12 and CÉGEP stream. Youth from the fifteen projects will be expected to give a short presentation of their project and its progress. Furthermore, the youth will engage with select classrooms from across the country to talk about Reconciliation and share their project. They will also be expected to provide a check-in midway and provide a final report as to their project and how the funds were spent.


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