Registration is now open for the 34th Annual International 2 Spirit Gathering of 2021.

In 2020, E2S ( Edmonton 2 Spirit Society) won the bid with the International Council of Two Spirit Societies (ICTSS) to host the first ever ITSG in the virtual world and also in-person at Métis Crossing in Smoky Lake, Alberta.

With ITSG21 we are welcoming approximately  90+ individuals, children, youth, and families of 2 Spirits. We also welcome delegates from government, organizations, and industry to join. We will also be offering some presentations live-streamed via Zoom as well and we suggest that non-2Spirit people register for virtual attendance. To register virtually click here.


Here is a LINK to the tentative agenda/workflow which is open to revision and additions as we start finalizing gathering details.

Some delegates will be able to receive travel (for Canadians), lodging, hospitality, workshops, ceremonies, gifts, activities, and games for all ages.

We invite you to have a look in total transparency at our funding request by following this LINK.

If you have any questions about ITSG21 please contact:

E2S Executive Director, Jeffery Chalifoux at or cell 587.385.9673, or the ITSG21 Coordinator at