The Training Policy Committee (TPC) has developed a new online hub - Wayfinder, in response to the needs expressed by Yukon First Nations. Now you can find job postings, training and funding information, and Yukon First Nations specific resources, all in one place. It is the only website of its kind in the Yukon. 


Click here to discover your opportunities.

What you can find:  

Cultural events & local career info - Along with being a hub for career-related info, Wayfinder also includes events supporting and celebrating Yukon First Nations' culture. Check back regularly to see what’s up.

Local training & jobs - Wayfinder can connect job seekers and others looking to upgrade or add to their skills with local employment and training opportunities, so you don’t need to leave the Yukon.

Funding - You’ve found an interesting training course, but you need financial support to do it. Funding organizations regularly upload their programs to Wayfinder, which means it’s the best place to find training funding information that is current and is relevant to the Yukon. Check back often!

Tools & resources - Why start from scratch if you don’t have to? Wayfinder has an always-growing collection of resources developed by and for Yukon First Nations. You’ll find helpful tools, details on proven programs, templates to take and make your own, and more.