We are looking for an OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR to join our team! The position reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for delivering clerical and other office support to YAWC. Duties include communicating via phone, emails, and letter, purchasing office supplies, managing manual and electronic files, processing payment requisitions, COVID-19 safety oversight, and assisting the Executive Director, Board, and staff in meeting the operational goals of YAWC. 


Diploma in Office Administration. At least 3 years’ previous experience in multi-cultural First Nation’s office environment. An equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience will be considered. 

First Nations Hiring Preference Policy In Effect 

Preference will be given to First Nations candidates. Training and support will be provided to candidates who successfully demonstrate the ability to grow into the position based on a screening interview. 

YAWC is a non-profit organization with a mission of “Working towards a resilient and robust community by empowering Indigenous women, gender diverse peoples, and their families through culturally inclusive advocacy, healing, learning, and sharing while celebrating success.” For full job description visit https://yawc.ca/news-events/news  

Salary is $30 per hour. Position is term to March 2022 and based in Whitehorse. 

How to Apply 

Please send your CV and three references to Claudia Riveros, Executive Director at director@yawc.ca   Application Deadline:  May 10, 2021.   
Please direct questions to Claudia by email or phone 867-667-6162 x1007. 

We want to thank everyone who applies but only short-listed candidates will be contacted.  


Job Title: Office Administrator 

Reports to: Executive Director 

Organization: Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council (YAWC) 

Location: Whitehorse, Yukon 

Date Completed: 22 April 2021 

Medical Clearance Required: No 

Security Clearance Required: Yes  


“Working towards a resilient and robust community by empowering Indigenous women, gender diverse peoples, and their families through culturally inclusive advocacy, healing, learning, and sharing while celebrating success.” 


“To advocate on behalf of Indigenous women, girls, and gender diverse peoples in the Yukon and northern BC to enhance, promote, and foster their social, economic, cultural, and political well-being. We aim to empower and celebrate Indigenous women, embrace their roles in communities, territories, and lands and to provide support and resources to promote and foster leadership roles, support and enforce their inherent, civil and human rights, and recognize and preserve their cultures and values.” 


“To build strong relationships among Indigenous women, gender diverse peoples, organizations, and partners across our service area with a collaborative approach. Providing responsive, effective, and empowering research, advocacy, outreach, access to healing and wellness resources, and personal and professional development at the territorial, national, and international levels.” 

 Section 1 – Purpose of the Position 

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Office Administrator is responsible for coordinating and delivering office support to YAWC including clerical duties, logistics, and procedures and assisting the Executive Director, Board, and staff in meeting the operational goals of the organization. 

Section 2 - Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

Clerical and Office Maintenance:  

  • answer phone calls compose routine emails, and mail. 
  • direct specific inquiries to the appropriate staff or board member. 
  • maintain an inventory of office equipment, supplies, and orders. 
  • organize and maintain the photocopy room and purchase office supplies.  
  • pick up and drop off office supplies, correspondence, make bank deposits. 
  • ensure the safe storage of sensitive supplies and equipment. 

COVID-19 Safety: 

  • follow and maintain the COVID-19 safety protocol, supplies, and equipment for the office. 
  • act as the COVID-19 safety officer to oversee the office safety protocol and materials and encourage staff and guests to follow the guidelines. 
  • stay informed with the latest news from Yukon Government on COVID-19 developments and incorporate learning into the safety protocols and materials.

File Management: 

  • follow and maintain the office recordkeeping system to ensure information is stored accurately and safely and is accessible. 
  • maintain office administration documents including templates, forms, society filings, bank statements, contracts, and security passwords. 
  • file paper and electronic documents. 
  • photocopy and scan documents. 
  • arrange for photocopying of manuals and reports at the printers. 

 Financial Management: 

  • follow and maintain the financial management system of records of all coming in and out going funds. 
  • follow a tracking system of contribution agreement reporting deadlines. 
  • maintain a payment schedule for invoices to ensure they are paid on time. 
  • prepare cheque requisition forms for authorization and payment of office related purchases. 
  • ensure supporting documents are included and follow policy requirements for all cheque requisitions including those prepared by others. 
  • Maintain a list of contractors with information for T4 and Yukon Workers Compensation Board bookkeeping reporting purposes. 
  • initiate local purchases for the office using purchase orders or other forms of credit arrangements with local vendor. 
  • manage the supply of YAWC cheques. 
  • coordinate the signing of cheques for authorized payments and ensure the safe storage of sensitive information. 
  • prepare deposit forms for cheque or cash deposits. 
  • make bank deposits and statutory payments. 

 Support Staff and Board of Directors: 

  • act as an administrative resource to staff and Board members 
  • maintain contact list of Board members, contractors, funders, and partner agencies. 
  • support the Executive Director in the day-to-day operations of the office including preparing cheque requisitions for rent, utilities, maintenance, and overseeing janitorial services. 
  • support the Executive Director in HR recruitment including coordinating job advertisements, scheduling interviews, and maintaining employment agreements. 
  • assist the Executive Director in preparing documents for quarterly and annual financial reports and audit reviews. 
  • assist the Executive Director, Board Secretary and Treasurer in coordinating meetings including preparing agendas and compiling supporting documents. 
  • arrange accommodation bookings (directly or via travel agent) and allowance payments for board member travel. 
  • prepare cheque requisitions for payment of project or board specific expenses. 
  • assist staff and board members in making local purchases via purchase orders or other credit arrangements. 
  • participate in regular staff meetings. 
  • identify professional development opportunities to advance knowledge and skills. 
  • maintain a clean and tidy workspace. 
  • perform other duties consistent within the scope of the position. 

Section 3 – Desired Job Knowledge, Skills and Suitability 

As per the YAWC mission, vision, and mandate, every effort is made to employ Indigenous women and gender diverse peoples from Yukon and northern BC. Job suitability is assessed with this priority in mind along with education and experience. 

Diploma in Office Administration. At least 3 years’ previous experience in multi-cultural First Nation’s office environment.  An equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience will be considered.  

Note: The First Nations Hiring Preference Policy is in effect. Training and Support Opportunity for persons of First Nations origin. 

Job specific training and support may be provided to candidates of Indigenous origins who successfully demonstrate the Job Knowledge, Specific Skills and Interpersonal Skills requirements indicated below in a screening interview. 

Job Knowledge: 

  • Sound knowledge of Yukon First Nations, culture, protocols, and values.  
  • Knowledge of YAWC history, culture, goals, and objectives. 

Specific Skills: 

  • Ability to use MS applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 
  • A basic understanding of accounting concepts: accounts receivables/payables account reconciliation. 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills. 
  • Demonstrated superior attention to detail. 

Interpersonal Skills:  

  • Strong supporting skills. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Ability to collaborate with staff and board members and maintain positive relationships. 
  • Equally capable of working independently or as part of a team. 
  • Ability to uphold integrity, confidentiality, and respect. 

Section 4 – Key Contacts 

The working relationships related with this position are as follows: 

  • Regular, daily communication with Executive Director for guidance and to provide support; 
  • Regular communication with staff and Board members to provide guidance and support; 
  • Regular communication with contractors/payees and YAWC partner representatives to exchange information. 

Section 5 - Decision Making 

General direction for this position is established by the Board of Directors and direct direction from the Executive Director. The position is expected to work independently in carrying out the responsibilities of the position. 

Section 6 – Accountabilities 

The expected end results of this position (i.e., why does it exist, what purpose does it serve?): 

This position is critical to the smooth operations of YAWC programs and administration. The clients of YAWC receive accurate information and respectful service. Staff and Board members require accurate and timely information to make sound decisions, foster workplace morale and maintain organizational credibility. 

Section 7 - Positions Supervised 

This position supervises contractors.

Section 8 – Budget  

This position has signing authority for local purchase orders or vendor accounts. 

Section 9 - Working Environment  

This position works under normal, client-based office conditions which include: 

  • Regular critical deadlines. 
  • Regular walk-in visitations with periodic intense activity and moderate noise. 
  • Working on several tasks concurrently 
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of information. 
  • Inclusive workplace with diverse socio-economic demographics. 
  • Substance-free, healthy, and safe workplace.
  • Frequent travel within Whitehorse and occasionally to Yukon communities; travel outside of the territory may be required. 

Section 10 – Conditions of Employment 

  • Security Record Check with Vulnerable Sector. 
  • Willing to respect and maintain confidentiality. 
  • Willing to respect the conflict-of-interest policy and disclose potential conflicts. 
  • Willingness to respect office procedures and protocols. 
  • Willingness to work overtime as required. 
  • Willingness to travel within Whitehorse and to communities within the Yukon, as required.