ISETS-Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy

This program is designed to assist self-identified Aboriginal Women in Yukon, regardless of their status, to obtain the necessary skills to find, obtain and maintain employment.

Through the ISETS the Native Women’s Association of Canada delivers employment and training services for Aboriginal women across Canada through provincial affiliates and special projects.

Our employment and training services provide Aboriginal women with the opportunity to gain meaningful and sustainable work by meeting current labour market demands.

Eligible Clientele

Eligible Clientele are Aboriginal women (First Nation, Inuit, and Métis) who are 15 years of age or older.

Individuals seeking funding support must be unemployed, under-employed, or able to demonstrate an immediate risk of being unemployed.

Program Descriptions

  • Individual Training Purchase (ITP) The Individual Training Purchase assists clients in obtaining the skills they need for employment. The ITP provides clients with financial assistance to help pay for the costs of skills training courses, programs or supplies.
  • Job Creation Partnership (JCP) The Job Creation Partnership offers clients a paid work placement experience to improve their long-term employment prospects. The JCP provide funding to employers in order for them to allow them to bring on a client for a unique work experience tailored specifically to that individual clients skill set, education and previous work experience.
  • Group Training/Special Projects Group Training/Special Projects provide funding to support training opportunities for employment skills and work experience through community based projects, focused on regional priorities.
  • Targeted Wage Subsidy (TWS) The Targeted Wage Subsidy offers temporary wage subsidies to employers as an incentive to hire individuals who require on-the-job training or have marginal work experience. The TWS provides funding to off-set the cost of a client wages.
  • Self-Employment Benefit (SEB) The Self-Employment Benefits (SEB) program provides financial support to clients pursuing self-employment. Consideration is made for expenses related to start-up costs including the development of business plans.

Partnership Building

NWAC has created partnerships with public and private sector employers who are committed to employing Aboriginal women. These partnerships provide Aboriginal women with the appropriate education and training to secure meaningful employment in a demand-driven skill sector.
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Yukon Success Stories

This section will highlight a success story with the ASETS program in the Yukon. Stay tuned for this update soon.

Contact Us

If you are interested in applying for the ISETS program please call 667-6162 or email Coordinator at to see if you qualify for the program.