About Us

The Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council has been in existence since 1975. It was originally formed as the Yukon Indian Women’s Council as an opportunity to have a say in the decision-making process on issues affected by native women in Whitehorse and within Yukon. The first group of women met in Whitehorse at Skookum Jim Friendship Center on January 21, 1974. The women were Lorraine Joe, Margaret Joe, Frances Woolsey, Josephine Muff, Patt Delaney, Kathy Rear, Pat Martin, Maxine Grant, Emma (Kaushee) Harris and Edi Bohmer.

Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council

  • Advances the interests of women of Indian or Inuit ancestry in the Yukon including Status, Non-Status, Indians, and Metis;
  • Supports and enforces the Indian Rights of the Status Indian women and the civil and human rights of all native women in the Yukon and Northern B.C.;
  • Help Indian women increase their feeling of adequacy and their sense of responsibility through planning, developing and managing self-help projects;
  • Encourages Indian women to assume a more positive and active part in developing skills to support their people;
  • Promotes and aids in the development and preservation of Indian culture, arts and handicrafts; and
    Remains non-partisan in its activities and dealings with the Government and political parties of Canada.