Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council works with the families of the MMIWG and we help to share resources and services available in Yukon. YAWC hosts healing camps and on the land camps to support the families of the MMIWG. Resources and services are available, please contact us for more information.

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Education & Training

The ASETS program can help with employment-related goals. Call us or stop by to see if you meet the criteria and apply to the program. Our employment and training services provide Aboriginal women with the opportunity to gain meaningful and sustainable work by meeting current labour market demands.

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Calendar of Events

Keep up to date on the different events happening around Yukon. YAWC hosts events from time to time.

Check out our calendar to see what is happening and sign up to receive our newsletter. Also, promote your event with us too.

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The Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council (YAWC)

The Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council has been in existence for 43 years. YAWC advocates for women in the Yukon and northern B.C including Atlin and Lower Post.

YAWC assists women on a variety of levels like resources, networks, activities and more.

YAWC also offers the ASETS program which assists Aboriginal women to gain employment by aiding in training and work experience opportunities.

The Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Outreach program highlights the on-going work in the Yukon and will be hosting information of the open cases in the Yukon and updates on the national inquiry information.

YAWC advocates and support Yukon Aboriginal women on different levels.

Stop by at our office, email us or call us today to find out more about what we do, what we offer and how we can help you.


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